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ProSolve HQ Is Now Carbon Neutral…

Published date: 02 February 2024

Our head office located in Doncaster is now a ‘Certified Carbon Neutral’ site for 2024 and last year we managed to Offset 181.00 Tones C0₂ of Emissions…
If you follow our blog you will be aware that we have made a substantial effort over the past couple of years to reduce our carbon footprint. During the final quarter of 2023, we successfully reduced our carbon footprint from 26.17 down to 15.07 which fell under our target of 19. For more information on how we did this, the link to the blog post is here. However, in January 2024 we reached our target of becoming a ‘Certified Carbon Neutral Site’ which is a fantastic achievement and is a huge testament to the hard work every employee has put in to get us to this milestone.
I spoke to our ESG ambassador Mick Robinson and he could not hold back his pride of the team's achievement as he said: 
“Carbon Offsetting and ESG is becoming a huge factor for businesses in the modern day, I think we all realised that we had to do more and it is brilliant that we have become a carbon neutral site. I would like to thank the Directors for their fantastic commitment to improving our ESG over the last few years and becoming a carbon-neutral site is a huge testament to all the team's hard work”.
In 2023 the team successfully managed to offset 181.00 tonnes of C0₂e of emissions. From our electric company cars to our electric forklift trucks, we have committed to improving our ESG. ‘Offsetting’ involves permanently removing greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere, usually through creating or restoring habitats that absorb emissions, or through reducing the rate of emissions from degraded landscapes. (Ref Gov.UK)
Through our investment in solar panels, our partnership with Carbon Neutral Britain, and our extensive environmental plan which involves the reduction of our energy and water consumption we have successfully offset a huge amount of carbon emissions.  
To become a ‘Carbon Neutral Business’ we had to undergo these 4 steps…
Step 1 - Carbon Footprint Calculation
We were required to calculate our organisation's emissions, following the ISO 14064 and GHG Emissions Protocol Accounting Standard - the largest and most widely used corporate standards - used by businesses globally.
Step 2 - Carbon Offsetting
Once our carbon emissions have been calculated, our annual emissions are offset through certified carbon offsetting projects.
Step 3 – Carbon Neutral Certification
Certified to the highest standards, our carbon offsetting projects that Carbon Neutral Britain™ support are regulated through the Verra - Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), the Gold Standard - Voluntary Emission Reductions (VER), and the United Nations - Certified Emission Reductions (CER) programmes. 
Step 4 - Reduce Future Emissions
Once our certification was complete, we received a Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP) - the first step in reducing our future emissions.
Although we are proud of this milestone, we will continue to work hard to further reduce our carbon footprint and increase our carbon offsetting in the hope that we will be a carbon-neutral site for many years to come.


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