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Insulated Products | ProSolve

Insulated Products

Eliminate the risk associated with striking underground power cables with ProSolve's range of insulated products.

Our range of non-conductive Road Pins and Fencing Pins are 100% insulated between the point and striking surface to help protect against electrocution. ProSolve Insulated Pins come in three variations, a fence pin with a metal spike (suitable for hard ground use), fence pin with a plastic spike (for use in soft ground), line pins and road pins. Each variant conforms to BS8020:2001, ensuring safe working practices when working on or in close proximity to live conductor cables. 

Further strengthening our insulation tool solutions, are ProSolve's range of insulated shovels, available in square treaded, cable layer treaded, trenching treaded and taper mouth treaded, each designed specifically for use, safety and efficiency. 

Want to go that one step further to prevent injury or even fatalities caused by electrocution? ProSolves coloured plastic detectable mesh assists in detecting and marking out buried underground cables, pipes, ducts and other services. The durable mesh carries a repeated warning message allowing for easy visual identification when excavating cables. Click here for more information.