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Point Of Sale

We've Already Transformed Over 5,000 Merchant Stores, Will Your Store Be Next?

Another key part of our world-class ProSolve merchandising experience is our 'Point Of Sale' products. Our specifically designed point of sale products make those impulse purchases even easier. Transforming your store has never been easier with our fantastic ProSolve merchandising solution.

We have a wide variety of 'Point Of Sale' products but here are a few select ones to wet your appetite:

Here at ProSolve we are trying to make those impulse purchases even easier for our merchants. This premium high-impact countertop cardboard merchandiser holds 24 utility/craft knives. A fast-selling product in a visually appealing merchandiser, suitable for merchant counters. 


Tape Measures

We've all been there, pulling out our pockets looking for that tape measure but it's nowhere to be see. Our ProSolve 'Point Of Sale' tape measures allows customers to conveniently purchase a tape measure resulting in less pocket pulling and more measuring (Available in 5m and 8m).




Our ProWipes have been specifically built with 'Point Of Sale' countertop merchandising as one of it's top priorities. Our 100 wipes tub is the perfect counter size, further making the impulse purchases even easier. Our ProWipes are an extremely popular 'Point Of Sale' product for our merchants.