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Where We've Come From...

 We Are ProSolve...

‘Big enough to cope, small enough to care’ - whilst the company’s reach is global, we championed core values of care, service, integrity, honesty and professionalism will always remain at the heart of everything we do.

Est.1982, ProSolve is a family-owned company based in South Yorkshire, UK, Christchurch, and Auckland, New Zealand. As a global supplier, we offer a comprehensive range of fast-moving, high-quality goods to the construction, civil engineering, healthcare, educational, retail, and industrial sectors.

 How We Got There…


1982 – Pressure Washers


In 1982 John West our now ProSolve chairman started a business called Doncaster Power Cleaners. John was the only member of the workforce and launched Pressure Washers after a company he used to work for closed. Primarily selling and hiring pressure washers and steam cleaners, the business later expanded its range to provide diesel-driven welders. Little did John know that this was just the start of a 40-year-long journey of expansion, turbulent markets, and creating a long-lasting legacy…


1987 - A BIG Move For A Small Company


Following several positive years for Pressure Washers and successfully expanding the workforce to a team of three, the business built a new workshop on Kirk Sandall Industrial Estate in Doncaster. Although Pressure Washers was going well, John was spending all his time at work so John decided to sell the business after starting a trailer spares business.

1995 - Trailer Spares


The West family decided in 1995 to invest in a unit on Clayfield’s industrial estate. We worked out of a container in the yard and set up a new business called Trailer Supplies which sold trailer parts. John’s eldest son Shaun also joined the business after leaving school. Shaun joining the company was a huge milestone and paved the way for John’s sons to be a part of the business, making it a truly family-run company.


1996- Blue Diamond STL


1996 was a significant year as we acquired Blue Diamond and rebranded to Blue Diamond STL (the STL symbolising John’s three sons, Shaun, Trevor, and Lee). The product range now consisted of trailer parts and line marker aerosol. We took on a member of staff (who left school and started with us and still works for us now).




In 1997 we took over the remaining two-thirds of the line marker business and John’s second eldest son Trevor began working in telesales.




The team continued to grow and in 1999 we purchased a major competitor in the field, Sharp Liner. This marked a significant moment in our journey and allowed us to grow into the company we are today.


2003 – ALPHA

We took over a company called ALPHA which sold shelving, we employed the owner to run this section.




Following years of continued success, the West family decided that it was time to relocate to a bigger premises. It wasn’t as straightforward as moving though, they often say there’s no such thing as a smooth move/sale, and following our desire to make the premises more effective via added refurbishment, we can vouch for that! Once the new location was finished, we moved into the premises which are the ones that we still work in today.



In 2016 we acquired a company called Newtech which specialised in hardware. We had been looking at the hardware market for some time and the decision to purchase Newtech which worked very well with ALPHA allowed us to fully explore this avenue. Between these times we decided to add to the range, which we did.




It was in 2019 when we identified an opportunity to expand our operations across the Indian Ocean in New Zealand. Able to serve customers on both the North and South Island via our Auckland and Christchurch locations, we've become the 'go-to' supplier for essential survey and construction consumables.



In 2020 it was decided that the business should hone in on our core brand and product range. Therefore, we sold the trailer side of the business that fell under the brand Warrior and merged our Sapphire hardware range to fall under our predominant consumables brand ProSolve. 


2024 – WE'VE GOT YOU


ProSolve is going from strength to strength with over 40 employees and an ever-growing range of products. 

From Pressure Washers to Blue Diamond STL to ProSolve, family will always be at the forefront of everything that we do, we genuinely mean it when we say We’ve Got You…