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ProSolve’s Environmental Improvement Plan: Quarterly Update

Published date: 07 November 2023

With the world facing an environmental challenge and the responsibility to look after our planet more important than ever, ProSolve remains committed to reviewing its operations and continually identifying areas where we can improve in line with our ISO14001 management system objectives. Through our ‘Switch it off’ campaign and our investment into solar power we are pleased to report that we over the last quarter we have reduced our electricity consumption and carbon footprint.
To improve you have to be aware, this is why here at ProSolve we continue to track our energy efficiencies and carbon footprint. This quarter we reduced our carbon footprint from 26.17 down to 15.07 which fell under our target of 19. This is extremely positive and further demonstrates our commitment to an incredible worthy reducing our carbon footprint. Reducing carbon footprint is a key part of our Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) ambitions, and can be tracked over three types of emissions.

Scope 1- Emissions that come directly from sources controlled by the business e.g. company car fuel
Scope 2- Emissions arising from the company’s consumption of purchased energy for example gas and electricity
Scope 3- Emissions arising from sources connected to the business for example waste disposal
We only have one Planet Earth, and by committing to this way of thinking, it’s hoped that its form and beauty will be in a better state for many years to come. 

What does our Environmental Improvement Plan entail? 
Turn off lights and equipment off when not needed.
Do not leave taps running any longer than needed.
Report any leaks. 
Optimise business mileage.
Adjust the heating thermostat to the weather conditions. 
Reduction of packaging levels 
Increase use of our solar energy by targeting usage to the daytime period, charging MHE for example in the day where possible. 
ProSolve are committed to further reducing our carbon footprint over the coming months and we look forward to sharing our journey with you. 


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