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Safe Tools, Safe Workers

Published date: 13 September 2023

Every year people suffer life changing injuries after striking a live underground electricity cable. Involving a spectrum of different trades, it is the Construction sector that has been identified at extreme risk with four out of five reported incidents involving a worker. ProSolve’s dedicated range of insulated tools and equipment are designed to mitigate the risk of electrocution via their non-conductive fabrication.

ProSolve's Group Sales Manager, Dan Ingram comments on why insulated tools should be a staple range with every merchant: "Health & Safety is now the foremost priority of every reputable construction company and we are seeing a seismic shift in product demand from our merchant customers to supply the best products to maintain the highest standards for health & safety on site."

Insulated Shovels
Intended for a variety of uses including digging out trenches, concrete mixing, working tarmac and cement, cable and pipe laying and moving ballast. Each insulated shovel is designed to prevent the passage of electricity when encountering an underground electricity cable, immediately increasing the safety of the worker.

Insulated Road & Fence Pins
ProSolve Insulated Pins come in three variations, a fence pin with a metal spike (suitable for hard ground use),fence pin with a plastic spike (for use in soft ground), line pins and road pins. Each variant conforms to BS8020:2001, ensuring safe working practices when working on or in close proximity to live conductor cables.
Cables can run at any depth below surface level and carry voltages ranging from 230 volts (domestic voltage) and upwards. So, whether it’s road works, excavations, drilling and piling, demolition, site remediation or site investigations; don’t let you or a colleague be the next fatality, be mindful, be aware and be #ProActive in enforcing safety measures prior to penetrating the ground on a work site.


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