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Robust, durable, and strong our new range of Flexi Tubs…

Published date: 21 March 2024

We’ve all been there our Flexi-Tub filled to the brim and suddenly bang! The handles break, the side splits and the contents of your bucket are left scattered all over the floor. Are you tired of poor-quality Flexi Tubs? Then why not invest in the high-quality ProSolve Flexi Tub…
We’ve gone out to produce the best flexi-tubs on the market. Our flexi tubs are incredibly strong, don’t just take our word for it, watch this short video. From a 10-metre fall to being run over by a lorry, our flexi tubs went through the ultimate strength test and passed! 


Here at ProSolve we understand how frustrating punctures and tears can be therefore, we have produced a range of tubs that combats these frustrations. Our flexi tubs are made from recycled plastic and are resistant to punctures and tears. 


The unpredictable British weather is no match for our flexi tubs. From flip flops in the winter to raincoats in the summer, our flexi tubs have been designed with our ever-changing climate in mind. ProSolve flexi tubs are resistant to rain, sun, frost and any other unpredictable weather that the British climate might throw at us.
We understand that flexi tubs aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution, one day you might need our larger 75L tub, the next our 15L might come in handy. Therefore, we’ve created a full range of flexi tubs, they are available in 15L, 26L,42L, 56L and 75L and in classic black or ProSolve yellow.
Ideal for builders, construction, keen DIYers, and gardeners our flexi tubs are the best in the business.
Check out our fantastic range of flexi tubs HERE


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