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Increase on-site safety with ProSolve's Underground Warning & Insulated Product Range

Published date: 18 May 2022

In the last five years, 354 people have suffered life changing injuries after striking a live underground electricity cable (Source: Energy Networks Association).

This disturbing number includes a spectrum of different trades; however, Construction workers have been identified as extreme risk with four out of five reported incidents involving a tradesperson.

Penetrating the ground is a core activity for this line-of-work and carries a high risk of working amongst underground services, including, road works, excavations, drilling and piling, demolition and site remediation and site investigations. Cables can run at any depth below surface level and carry voltages ranging from 230 volts (domestic voltage) and upwards.

Not sure what cables are present on the worksite? Obtain the site plans from a utility company in advance.

Want to further prevent injury caused by electrocution? Scan and locate underground cables before digging with the use of cable avoidance tools.

Want to go one step further and avoid a potential fatality? Use suitable tools and preventative measures…

Survey Marker

ProSolve™ Survey Spray is a high quality, fast drying and hard-wearing acrylic marking paint which is a lead and xylene free formulation, for use on concrete, tarmac, wood and composites. Used widely in many trades but especially in the construction industry for surveying and road marking etc. The unique spray head imparts a narrow spray pattern which will allow letters and numbers to be marked accurately and legibly – ‘Underground Cables Present”

Insulated Pins

 Our ProSolve™ range of non-conductive/insulated Road Pins and Fencing Pins are 100% insulated between the point and striking surface to help protect against electrocution.

Detectable Mesh

ProSolve Detectable Mesh is a coloured plastic mesh that assists in detecting and marking buried underground cables, pipes, ducts and other services. Manufactured in a high-strength, rot resistant HDPE material, it incorporates a stainless-steel wire, allowing it to be detected even when buried. ProSolve Detectable Mesh carries a repeated printed warning message allowing for easy visual identification when excavating cables. The durable mesh can be used together with cable and pipe locator tools to ensure that underground utilities are not affected during excavation works.

Underground Warning Tape

ProSolve™ Underground Warning Tape is designed to enable services such as electric cables, pipes etc. to be located without damage.

Insulated Shovels

Recently added to our dedicated insulated range is a selection of shovels, intended for a variety of uses including digging out trenches, concrete mixing, working tarmac and cement, cable and pipe laying and moving ballast. Each insulated shovel is covered in a non-conducting material to prevent the passage of electricity and includes a treaded feature, providing better grip whilst digging.

Don’t let you or a colleague be number 355, be mindful, be aware and be #ProActive in the of safety measures prior to penetrating the ground on a work site.


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