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Helping You Gear Up for Pothole Repair in the Winter Months

Published date: 17 November 2022

As the colder weather approaches, here’s your guide to tackling those common, yet deadly, potholes.

What Are Potholes?

Aside from being a hazard and risk to your vehicle and safety? Potholes are formed when water caused by either rainfall or an area where flooding and lack of drainage is common, infiltrates into cracks on a road surface. When the temperature drops below zero degrees, the water freezes and expands, forcing the cracks to grow and generate pressure, this can eventually cause the crack to collapse and form an indentation, also referred to as a pothole. Additional factors can speed up the process such as heavy traffic.

When Are They Most Common?

Since water and lower temperatures are the key components for the formation of a pothole, naturally their peak period of formation is in the Autumn and Winter months where we experience heavier rainfall and a drop in temperature. According to new Freedom of Information figures gathered by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), local authorities receive a pothole complaint every 46 seconds.

Prevention and Resolution

Preventing future potholes from occurring doesn’t have to be expensive nor time consuming. Simply by applying a Bitumen Cold Joint Sealer into small joints / cracks in asphalt, it helps prevent water and incompressible intrusion into the cracks and underlying pavement layers, averting further crack growth and surface hazards.

Repairing pre-existing potholes involves additional materials (e.g.pre-mixed cold-lay tarmac), equipment (circular saw, brush, shovel, safety goggles and gloves, tarmac tamper etc.), and skill. ProSolve’s best-selling Bitumen Cold Joint Sealer firmly sits within the essential materials and proves paramount when successfully repairing a pothole. The bitumen aerosol is applied straight from the can onto the vertical edges and surface base of the pothole before the application of asphalt or cold lay tarmac. This creates a solid adhesive bond between the concrete and asphalt surfaces and ensures long-lasting repair and prevention.


Key Features

  • Instantly Waterproofs
  • Clean, efficient & economical
  • Quick & easy to apply
  • Doesn't require a primer
  • Pack Qty: 1 / Carton Qty: 12
  • Weather resistant

ProSolve's bitumen range also includes Tar & Bitumen Brushes, Bitumen Jointing Strips, Bitumen Primer & Seal and Tar & Bitumen Remover Aerosol.


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