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Burdens, Nottingham Store Transformation

Published date: 06 October 2022

Partnering up with a business whose brand and product vision meets our own is always exciting. That’s why when we were asked to create a space that was reflective of Burdens’ brand, vast product range, national scale and business model built on service, ProSolve swiftly rose to the occasion!

From the initial walk-around / audit, straight through to completion, ProSolve continuously listened to Burdens’ requirements, resulting in a concept that would ultimately improve their customer’s shopping experience and increase their sales.

What Did This Entail?

Renovating the branches’ internal structure, including the painting of walls and woodwork. The existing terracotta floor tiles were replaced with a sleeker, grey vinyl which is easy to clean and hardwearing. This then provided ProSolve with a clean canvas to install a merchandising solution which fully optimises the premises’ space and displays Burdens’ vast product range effectively.

We didn’t stop there…

ProSolve designed (in accordance with Burdens branding guidelines), sourced, and fitted new signage for use around the store, this instantly propelled Burdens’ signature blue and yellow and made it easier for customers to navigate around the store and quickly find what product range they are looking for.  

It gets better…

Like us, Burdens are service and customer driven, therefore to provide their walk-in customers with a shopping experience that cemented that ethos, ProSolve introduced a dedicated refreshment station which offers a range of coffees and teas at a touch of a button. The renovation itself took a mere four days to complete, ensuring trading downtime was at a minimum and safety precautions were adhered to.

In essence, this project delivered something so much more than can be described as an improvement of aesthetics, it provided an already strong brand with the tools to further deliver on their brand promise to both new and existing customers. To date this is the second Burdens branch to be #PROSOLVED… watch this space to find out which store will be next.




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