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Burdens Leeds Branch Receives the ProSolve Treatment

Published date: 02 February 2023


ProSolve is thrilled to have completed its third ‘Branch Transformation’ for the specialist civil engineering and underground drainage product expert, Burdens.

Following a highly successful trial at the Group’s Nottingham and West Bromwich branches, ProSolve have been commissioned to roll-out our transformative merchandising services across its entire branch network.

This week our dedicated branch team developed and built a merchandising concept for Burden’s Leeds branch, designed to improve their walk-in customer experience and strengthen their brand identity, whilst ultimately increasing branch sales and profits.



What did this entail you ask?

- A comprehensive branch survey to determine how to fully optimise the space.

- In-depth discussions with the Burdens team to establish what their key objectives of the branch are.

- Our team developing optimum stock-profiles for the branch.

- ProSolve and Burden’s marketing team working closely in partnership to deliver a dual brand solution that enhances the business and its expansive product range.

- ProSolve’s team arriving on-site to build the merchandisers, populate with product and build a branch Coffee Bar for customers to use complimentary when speaking with the Burden’s team – enhancing their customer and brand experience.

- All this is done safely during branch operational hours, meaning no downtime or loss of sales for the branch.

This latest addition to the ProSolve-Burdens portfolio has further cemented our partnership and ability to serve civil engineering and utilities professionals across the UK. The high level of service we are delivering to Burdens can be captured by the feedback received after each branch transformation…

“Everything is great. To be honest your team and yourself have been very professional, tidy. The end result of the refit has been met with a great response from our clients and customers "This shop looks clean, fresh and full!" which only highlights the effort and professionalism of the work carried out. Furthermore, there was constant communication between your team and ourselves.”
Daniel Adamson, Sales Negotiator

Equally, our experience partnering up with Burdens  has been nothing but enjoyable. Dan Ingram, Group Sales Manager at ProSolve comments

“ProSolve is delighted to partner with Wolseley in their branch transformation programme, enhancing their stores through refurbishment and remerchandising, defining their product portfolio and driving their profitability. It's our pleasure to work with such a professional, friendly team with a great culture through all strata’s of their organisation, thank you.”

Team ProSolve are not only passionate about what we do, we genuinely love what we do – that’s why we are committed to delivering tailored solutions that can and do, transform businesses and their profitability.

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