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ProSolve Goes Greener

Published date: 11 May 2023

As our company grows, our commitment to minimising how our operations negatively affects the environment advances. Maintaining the ISO 140001 accreditation and identifying ways we can improve remains paramount to our culture.  
ProSolve HQ recently underwent an expansion of its solar panel system, increasing the power supply from 10kW to 73kW, providing power for the whole building, including the dedicated electrical car charging points located at the front of the premises.  
In addition, we have further enhanced our recyclable packaging on a range of primary products such as Ratchet Staps and Tapes.  
A responsibility to the wider world is a core value of ProSolve and we want to be sure that we're doing good for the world around us and improving the environmental footprint we make via our operations.  


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